Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Can I Make Him Love Me Back

You may be bothered with the question, "How can I make him love me back?" because you may be one of the millions of millions girls who feel it very difficult to forget their ex.  Don't worry. I am here with these great tips to help you make him love you more than ever:

1.  Find the reason of breakup:

       Spend some time to know the reason of your breakup with your lover.  Just try to answer some of these questions and you will get your answer:
a. What happened wrong in your relationship and why?
b. What were main things he likes and dislikes most in the relationship?
c. What you liked most in your boyfriend?
d. Did you try your best to keep him enganged in the relationship with you?
e. What else you can do keep him in love with you forever?
f.  How you fell in love with each other when you met in the past?
g. What were the main points connecting you together?

Once you get the reason of breakup and will determine to get him back, I am dead sure you will succeed. 

2.   Improve yourself:

Yes, you will have to improve yourself.  You will have to develop your personalty, your looks, your traits and your quality.  You will have to look more sexy and hot than you looked in first phase of your relationship.  Remember the fact that no man will like to have a partner that is too cold in the relationship.

3. Apology:

Look back in the past and remember. Did he cheat you or you cheated him?  If he cheated you, you will have to forgive him and if you duped her you will have to be bold enough to ask for apology to get him back to love you.

4.  Never try new guy:

You may thinking of finding a new guy to make relationship temporarily in order to make your ex jealious about that guy.  You may be thinking, in this way your ex will come to you and ask for the patch up.  You may go wrong this way as your this step will work as gasoline for the fire of hate.  You may lose him forever.

5.  Let your ex know you really want him:

You will have to contact your ex to let him know that you want him to get back.  You may make phone call, text message or may meet personally.  In the first try, it may happen that he may try to ignore you, however, believe me he will surely turn towards you in the next try.

       These some tips will really work for you when you will try to your heart to get back your ex.  I will also suggest you to go through some more useful dating tips......